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Entrusted to a consortium of five European and four Southeast Asian institutions, coordinated by the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), SEATIDE benefited from the resources and expertise of major Asian Studies institutions in SEA and Europe, as well as the unique EFEO network of 10 field centres located in SEA.


The aims of SEATIDE were to take a new look at the benefits and risks of integration in Southeast Asia. SEATIDE researchers used a field study approach to take national and transnational perspectives on:


Diversity: National integration coping with regional diversity
Prosperity: Mobility and its impact on people’s lives
Knowledge: Knowledge networks and the movement of ideas
Security: Development of national and regional political frameworks


During the life of the project, SEATIDE's researchers met regularly, to discuss their research at research workshops, and to disseminate its results to stakeholders and policy makers. See the full list of SEATIDE events.


SEATIDE's results were published in books, scholarly articles, online papers and policy briefs, with a full synthesis presented in the Final Report. See the full list of SEATIDE publications.